The Marshall Family

Thomas George Marshall was one of the oldest sons of Thomas and Mary Elizabeth Marshall, born in Dunville, Ontario, around 1870. Charlotte Ann Martin was born ca. 1880 to Joseph Martin and Emily Campbell in Dereham Township. Thomas George and Charlotte married in 1902. They lived at 226 Oxford St. in Woodstock. The house, which still stands today, is on a corner lot just across from the site of the Old Thomas Organ factory and the Stewart Brothers Foundry at Brant Street. Thomas George’s parents lived at 222 Oxford and his uncle at 224. Most of the men in the family worked as labourers at either of the two factories. Thomas George himself worked at the Stewart Foundry for many years until his death in 1952. Besides working at the Organ factory, the family was very musical, and the children learned a variety of different instruments.

* * *

The couple had three children together: LeVern A., William Lloyd and Thomas LeRoy. LeVern travelled through the United States and various areas in Ontario. He taught music for a few years here in Woodstock before moving to Galt, Ontario (now Cambridge). LeVern was believed to have married a woman named Ruby. William Lloyd was born on April 19th, 1905 but disappears from census data by 1911. LeRoy Marshall, the youngest son, was born around 1920. He held several jobs in Woodstock starting at Thomas Organ with his uncle. During World War II he belonged to the Oxford Rifles and was believed to have gone out west with them. Following the deaths of his parents he continued to live on Oxford St. with his partner Isabelle McCallum.