The Shadd Store

This area is the former site of the Shadd Store last owned by Ira and Saxonia Shadd. In 1934, Ira Shadd opened up the Shadd Store which served the community for many generations. The store also served as a post office and in the back, they had a pool table where community members could come to socialize.

* * *

Ira Shadd was the founder and first director of both the Community Club of North Buxton and the North Buxton Maple Leaf Band. The North Buxton Maple Leaf Band went into operation in January of 1955. The band was a way for the community to come together and work as one. For example, at one point, the parents had to buy all the instruments and uniforms and lessons for their children. In response to this, Ira Shadd learned to play several instruments himself and taught the children at the store for free. Following the formation of the North Buxton Maple Leaf Band, the Band Parents Association was created as an organization dedicated to helping share some of the responsibilities involved in the band. Throughout the year, several fundraisers and activities were held to support the band. In the winter of 1955, Saxonia Shadd held and hosted square dances, and in July, there was a Strawberry Festival and band concert. The proceeds were used to make uniforms for the band. The Maple Leaf Band participated and performed in the Mary Day and Emancipation Day parades in Windsor, Ontario, the International Festival of Freedom, and at the Tiger Stadium in Detroit, Michigan.